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Heat Pumps   Ground vs Air Source Pumps – Which is right for you?

Heat pumps are an efficient way to provide heating and cooling in your home. In moderate climates, they are preferred over air-conditioners as they consume less energy.

Heat pumps can cut the electricity you use for heating by 30-40% apart from dehumidifying your air. Ground source and air source heat pumps are most popular today but their use largely depends on factors like regional weather conditions, area available for installation and of course, your budget.

Below is a comparison of the two heat pumps:

  • Technology
  • Ground source heat pumps use pipes laid into the ground to absorb heat from the ground. Air source heat pumps consist of an equipment that absorbs heat from the outside air. The heat from the air or ground is absorbed into a liquid which is further compressed to increase the heat. This heat is then used to warm up your home. Compared to gas and oil boilers, heat pumps provide moderate heat and so, in winter, they might need to be switched on continuously.
  • Cost of installation
  • Air source heat pumps are easier to install as they do not need trenches to be dug on the ground to lay pipes, unlike a ground source heat pump. For the same reason, air source works out to be comparatively cheaper.
  • Feasibility
  • Ground source heat pumps require some area around your home to be available for installing the pump. Also,its efficiency depends on type of soil and land. Air source heat pumps occupy very less space. They consist of a single unit that can be attached to your outer wall. This makes them a more practical and feasible solution, specifically if you live in an apartment or you do not have adequate area around your house.
  • Operating Costs
  • Ground source heat pumps have less operating costs as the ground they source heat from has relatively stable temperatures throughout the year, compared to air. This means the amount of energy you would need to spend annually to heat your home will be much less compared to an air source heat pump.
  • Efficiency
  • Typically, air source pumps are exposed to varying temperatures and hence are less efficient than ground source pumps. But with innovations in the area, they are better able to resist temperature variations due to which this difference in efficiency has narrowed down.
Heat pumps lower energy costs and may also give you savings under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

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