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5 Myths You Believed To Be True About Solar Energy

Solar energy has been at the centre of a long standing debate on whether it truly lives up to its claim of being a self-sustaining source of energy and a wise monetary investment. While we agree that solar energy is environment friendly and reduces greenhouse emissions, many of us hesitate from adopting it for our homes. This is generally because of the many myths that surround it. Here, we will attempt to uncover a few such myths and bring to fore the facts behind them.

How to keep your home warm

Are rising electricity costs giving you sleepless nights? Chances are you are spending more than what you need to in heating your home. In UK, heating cost forms 53% of monthly utility bills. While it is neither practical nor possible to completely eliminate consumption of electricity for heating, there are certain things you can do to keep your home warm, thereby bringing down your utility bills. Here are a few such ideas:

Tips to keep in mind when considering quick finance

Quick finance can be a big blessing when you are in urgent need of money. While taking a personal loan from a bank tends to be a long drawn process, quick finance can often get you the money you need in less than a day. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind while considering quick finance.

Should You Go For Lasik?

Lasik gives people with vision problems a chance to get rid of troublesome glasses and contacts. But Lasik, like any other medical procedure, is not for everyone. You need to check whether you are a right candidate for Lasik before seriously considering it. Here are a few things that can make Lasik an unviable option for you:

Cut Your Energy Bills With Energy Efficient Appliances

With electricity costs on the rise, you need to do all you can to reduce your electricity consumption. A chunk of the electricity consumption in an average household comes from electrical appliances. Using energy efficient appliances can bring down your electricity consumption and your monthly electricity bills.

How To Manage Your Spending Over The Holidays

Holidays is a time for celebration and family get-togethers. It is also a time when expenses are high. There are gifts that need to be purchased and dinners that need to be organised. During this time, it can help to be savvy with your spending instead of going on an unchained shopping spree.

5 Great Reasons To Have a Home Conservatory

A conservatory is your haven within the house, a place where you can enjoy the weather without actually being outside. When done right, it can be an attractive extension to your house and a sensible investment for the rest of your life. Here are a 5 great reasons to have a home conservatory:

Ground vs Air Source Pumps – Which is right for you?

Heat pumps are an efficient way to provide heating and cooling in your home. In moderate climates, they are preferred over air-conditioners as they consume less energy. Heat pumps can cut the electricity you use for heating by 30-40% apart from dehumidifying your air.

5 New Year Resolutions That Can Save You Money

Every new year starts with a string of resolutions to improve your life one way or the other. This new year, stick to the following resolutions and you will find yourself richer by a few thousand pounds by the end of the year.

Insulate Your Walls For Better Protection Against Heat Loss

Uninsulated walls are responsible for 1/3 of heat loss from homes in UK. Insulating your walls properly helps prevent heat loss from inside your room to the outside air, thus reducing your heating bills.

Cut In Solar Subsidy..How Does It Effect You?

Recently, the government announced cuts to subsidy on solar installations by a huge margin of 64%. The move has been widely criticised as this means solar will get a whole lot expensive for households that are planning to make the switch to this green, renewable form of energy. Also, cut in solar subsidies threatens to put 9700 - 18700 jobs at risk, affecting the livelihood of many families.

Managing Condensation Inside Your Home

Condensation refers to dampness or tiny droplets of water you see on your walls, windows and doors. It is one of the biggest problems that home owners have to grapple with.

How To Become Debt Free This New Year

Debt is a growing problem across UK. Economic slowdown and rise in living costs, among many other reasons, have led many families to depend on loans to meet expenses. Living with debt is not easy. Neither is finding sufficient money to pay it off. Here we discuss a few steps that can help you take control of your finances and eliminate debt this year.

Draught Proof Your Home Against Heat Loss

Cracks and unintended gaps between walls and doors or windows let in cold air into the house and allow warm air from inside the house to escape, both of which can cause your heater to work more, thus increasing your electricity bill. Draught proofing can conserve room temperature and save £25 to £50 per year on energy bills.

Tips To Save On Your Water Bill

Water is undoubtedly a basic necessity but every time you turn the tap on, you are running up your water bill. Consider these tips that can help you use water more efficiently and thus, save money on your water bill.