How To Keep Your Home Warm

Keep Your Home Warm

Are rising electricity costs giving you sleepless nights? Chances are you are spending more than what you need to in heating your home. In UK, heating cost forms 53% of monthly utility bills. While it is neither practical nor possible to completely eliminate consumption of electricity for heating, there are certain things you can do to keep your home warm, thereby bringing down your utility bills. Here are a few such ideas:

Draft Proof your house

A lot of the heat is lost through gaps in windows and doors. Take care to seal all such gaps to avoid loss of heat. Use door sweeps and weather seals to prevent entry of cold air from the bottom. Close passageways wherever possible to conserve heat within the room. If you don’t use the fireplace frequently, close outlets using chimney balloons.

Clean filters every once in a while

Filters blocked with dust can reduce the heating efficiency. Clean the filters regularly and replace them periodically. Also, clean the air ducts and vents. This will not only improve heating, it will also keep your heating system running smoothly for long. Close vents in unused rooms so that the heat is better utilized.

Use curtains for your windows

Pull back curtains during the day to let in sunlight. This will keep your room naturally warm. In the evening, close the curtains to lock the heat inside. Thermal Insulated curtains block outside cold and prevent inner heat from escaping, apart from providing noise reduction and privacy.

Arrange furniture suitably

Make sure your heating vents are not unintentionally blocked by furniture and other items. Rearrange your furniture to be able to make maximum use of the heat without unduly increasing the thermostat setting.

Check your home insulation

Insulated roof, floors and walls are efficient at conserving room heat. Uninsulated floors can cause heat loss of up to 10% whereas 35% heat is lost through walls and 25% through the roof. Check the health of your insulation and renew it if required. Use carpets on the floor to provide further protection from heat loss.

Get the most of your radiator

Avoid keeping the radiator close to your furniture as furniture will absorb heat leading to unnecessary heat loss. Use a radiator panel or simply a tin-foil behind it to reflect heat from back of the radiator into the room. Otherwise, this heat would get absorbed into the walls and dissipate into the outside environment.

Double Glaze your windows

Double glazing is highly effective in reining in heat inside a room by preventing heat loss through window panes. It also serves to reduce condensation on your windows and diminishes outside noise.

Taking precautions against heat loss will keep your rooms warm for a longer time without over-working your heating system and at the same time, save you valuable money on your electricity bills.

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