How to reduce your Gas and Electricity bills

Gas and electricity bills form a large part of our household expenses. Following tips can help you cut down your gas and electricity consumption and save money on your utility bills.

  1. Electricity and gas prices differ from provider to provider. Do a price comparison to see where you can get the service at a lower price. Before you change providers, check whether your current service contract imposes penalty on making a switch.

  1. While switching providers or renewing your current contract, ask for a fixed tariff if you expect prices to rise shortly. This locks in the pricing for the set period.

  1. Choose to make payments online. The provider saves money when you manage your own account and supply your monthly meter readings and these savings get passed on to you.

Tips to save electricity

  1. Cut down electricity used to heat your house by double glazing your windows and insulating your walls and loft. Make your house draught-proof by sealing gaps in windows and doors.

  1. Use only modern energy-efficient electrical appliances.

  1. Replace traditional bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs.

  1. Insulate hot water tanks and pipes to avoid heat loss.

  1. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature that does not make your room too cold or warm.

For more tips, see Tips to save on electricity bills

Tips to save gas

  1. Use only required amount of water while cooking.

  1. Use segmented pans or steamer to cook food in one shot.

  1. Make sure the flame is right for your vessel. If it’s too big, you waste gas and if it’s too small, you end up using more gas.

  1. Cover food with a lid so that it cooks faster.

  1. Use microwave and pressure cookers to cook food wherever possible. A microwave uses less electricity than an oven and the related expense is less than using gas for the same purpose.

  1. Use a kettle to boil water for cooking.

  1. Use vessels that conduct heat fast. Copper bottomed pans heat up faster compared to steel and cast iron pans retain heat longer.

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