Should You Go For Lasik?


Lasik gives people with vision problems a chance to get rid of troublesome glasses and contacts. But Lasik, like any other medical procedure, is not for everyone. You need to check whether you are a right candidate for Lasik before seriously considering it.

Here are a few things that can make Lasik an unviable option for you:

  1. Pre-existing eye conditions

Medical conditions like glaucoma, cataract, chronic eye-dryness, eye injuries and temporary eye infections like conjunctivitis make you unsuitable for Lasik. It is imperative to correct such conditions, wherever possible, before you attempt Lasik to get the most benefit from the procedure.

  1. Structure of your eye

Lasik is a refractive eye surgery that reshapes your cornea to improve its functioning. For successful results, your pupils should be of normal size and your corneal walls should be thick enough to withstand surgery. Thin corneal walls, irregular surface of the cornea or large pupils make you unsuitable for Lasik.

  1. Extreme vision problems

If you have extreme cases of near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism, Lasik may yield unpredictable results. You should have moderate degree of vision problem which, preferably, has not changed for at least a year.

  1. You have a disease that affects healing

Certain diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis etc. affect the body’s capacity to recover after a surgery. If you have such a disease or you take medications that cause vision fluctuations, then Lasik may not be right for you.

  1. Too young or too old

Lasik is recommended for people 18 years and older. This is because children and adolescents experience frequent changes in vision which makes them unsuitable for Lasik. Vision generally stabilises in the early twenties and hence, it is recommended to wait until then before undergoing Lasik. On the other hand, seniors suffer from eye conditions related to old age like cataract and glaucoma which again affects their suitability for Lasik.

Though Lasik is a relatively safe procedure, it is not 100% devoid of risks. Common risks in this procedure are under-correction or over-correction, temporary dryness of eyes, reduced night vision and infection, swelling or excessive tearing. Your local Lasik surgeon can examine you to assess your risks and suitability for the procedure.

Lasik is finding widespread adoption due to the convenience it affords in terms of not having to use spectacles or contact lenses ever. The cost of surgery has also come down making it a practical possibility for many.

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