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Solar PV  Solar PV

Solar pv is the new age technology which was born with the need of compensating rising electricity bills. As necessity is the mother of invention, solar pv was implemented to notch the idea of using cheaper and effective technologies.

Solar pv is a popular technology that can convert sunlight into electricity. It is relatively cheap and pollution free.. Although the initial cost is installing is relatively higher, the substantial prices gets decreased. They make use of a renewable source of energy the sun.. Unlike solar thermal systems for heating water, PV does not use the sun's heat to make electricity, the electrons freed by the interaction of sunlight with semiconductor materials in PV cells are captured in an electric current. The Solar PV allows you to produce electricity without noise or air pollutionfrom a clean, renewable resource and this system never runs out of fuel or oil.

Solar pv can be used for various reasons. By using solar PV, you use a more energy efficient and a clean energy. Some people use it as an energy improvement so as to use a standard supply and price of electricity.

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