5 Great Reasons to have a Home Conservatory


A conservatory is your haven within the house, a place where you can enjoy the weather without actually being outside. When done right, it can be an attractive extension to your house and a sensible investment for the rest of your life.

Here are a 5 great reasons to have a home conservatory:

1. Drive up your property value

A conservatory adds to the visual appeal of your house apart from boosting its real estate value. Edwardian, Victorian, Mediterranean or contemporary: you can choose the design that best suits your style. A house with a conservatory to boast is easy to sell and is likely to receive offers that match its asking price.

2. Get some extra space

It is an extra room in the house that you can use as a home office, an extended living room, a studio or simply as a place to relax. If you have a growing family and are looking for a house with more space, adding a conservatory can be a lot cheaper than moving into a new house.

3. A great place to entertain

A conservatory makes your home look warm and inviting and makes a great place to entertain guests. Mostly they are built to overlook a garden which offers a great view and is ideal as an extended dining area.

4. Cut down your energy costs

A conservatory brings in loads of natural light without making the space unduly hot. Conservatories were thought to be unusable in winter due to extremely cold temperatures. But modern conservatories are built to provide agreeable ambience all year round. This is because they have double glazing to conserve inner heat and protect from outside temperatures. In summer, modern conservatory roofs block outside heat and prevent the room from getting hot. Blinds and curtains can also be used to afford further protection.

5. Greenery within your home

Conservatory allows you to grow flowering plants and vegetables even in winter. It becomes an indoor winter garden for you to enjoy all year through apart from being a shelter to winter-sensitive plants. Bring in vertical climbers and place vertical shelves to keep potted flowering plants. This way you can have your garden and still have space left for a table and few chairs.

Conservatories, unlike popular perception, do not need too much space to build. Working with experts helps you choose the design and materials best suited to your house and area.

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